Pad Ka Prao Kai

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Pad Ka Prao Kai (ผัดกระเพราไก่)


“Pad Ka Prao Kai” or stir-fried chicken with basil has been a long time well-know Thai dish. Basil is used as food and as medicine, just the same as many other local vegetable. However, since basil is pungent and taste hot, Thai people do not eat basil by itself as fresh vegetable. it is used as an ingredient to add taste and aroma in many dishes. When thinking of basil, many Thais think of popular dishes made with basil such as pork, chicken, beef or seafood, stir-fried with basil. Stir-fried meat with basil offers authentic taste of hot, salty and a little sweet.


  1 TablespoonsMinced Red spur chilies
  1 TablespoonsGarlic
  120 GramsChicken
  ¼CupChicken stock
  ¼ CupOnion
  ¼ CupHoly Basil Leaves
  ½ CupRed Spur Chilli

Seasoning Mixture Ingredients

  2 TeaspoonsFish Sauce
  2 TeaspoonsOyster Sauce
  1 TeaspoonSeasoning Sauce
  1 TeaspoonSugar


  1. Pound garlic , hot chillies and red spur chillies.

  2. Stir fry pounded garlic and chillies with chicken until cooked.

  3. Add seasoning mixture, chicken stock, onion and holy basil leaves. Stir until cooked and leave from heat.

Stir fry pounded garlic and chillies with chicken until cooked

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