SPN FOODS (THAILAND) Compamy Limited (“the Company”) recommends that users of electronic transaction services or any other electronic services of the Company ("customer"), ("member") and ("individual") have a clear understanding of its terms and conditions in order to buying goods and services online from the Company including expressing opinions that are expressed or appear in the Company's responsibilities. The Company hereby declares its terms and conditions as follows :

1. Information, Substance ownership and Limitation
The word “substance” in this term means any data including photography, drawings, pictures, video clips, phrase or any substantive issues appeared in here are our copyrights and the trademark "MAEYUPIN" / "SPN FOODS" or logos of MAEYUPIN / SPN FOODS used, quoted and/or referenced in this Web Site are trademarks or registered trademarks of SPN Foods (Thaiand) Company Limited.
Customer is authorized to copy, distribute, disseminate, download and print products in this website only to order goods from the Company or any non-profit activities which are direct and indirect competitors of the Company unless written permission from the Company. Customer rights to use this website will be terminated if customer do not abide by the terms and condition set up above.


"In every meal, In every kitchen."

"Supernatural Foods"


2.External Links
The Company contains the link to other sites operated by third-parties. Terms and conditions of use, privacy policy and cookies of any third-party site may differ substantially from this website. The Company do not take any responsibility of the other website privacy policy and cookies. The Company would recommend customer to carefully review the privacy policy and cokies of the third-party websites.

3. Public Forums Usability
The Company is not responsible for any material submitted to bulletin board, forum and any other public area found on this website by member or individual. All contents and comments which created by member or individual are not affiliated by SPN FOODS (THAILAND) company limited. The Company reserve the right to remove any material submitted or posted without notice to member or individual, if the such material is suspected to be illegal and/or intended to advertising other business that directly or indirectly affect to the company's products. Member is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of member account and password, and accept all responsible for activities that occur under member account and/or all usability channel by individual.


4. Indemnity
Individual agrees to indemnify resulting from any violation of these terms and conditions of the Company including the order of goods and services of the Company via cash on delivery using misleading information of customer and/or has a fraudulent intent to disapprove of the complete products and services as shown in the purchase order of the Company. Individual cannot hold the Company and its employees, directorsand and those involved from any claim or demand including reasonable attorneys’ fees, from and against all losses, expenses, damages and costs.


5. Cancellation Due To Errors
The Company has the right to cancel all order at anytime in case of the typographical or unforeseen errors that results in the product on this website being listed inaccurately such as the wrong price, descriptions, image and etc. Thus the Company reserve the right to modify any material in this website without prior notices. In the event a cancellation occurs and payment for the order has been already received, the Company shall issue a full refund for the product in the amount in question to customer.


6. Payment
Customer can order goods and services of the Company from this website without membership whereas membership may have more special privileges such as the cheaper product prices, etc. Customer can or cannot choose a delivery service provider which has an additional service fee that is not included in the goods and services price. The Company accepts in 3 methods of the payment for goods and services ordered from this website as follows:

     6.1-6.2 Bank/ATM transfer payment and payment by Paypal. The system will approve the order of customer goods and services along with the delivery when customer completely paid and inform the payment within 24 hours only, the system will automatically cancel your order.
     6.3 Cash on delivery. The system will check all customer information and approve the order of customer goods and services along with the delivery.

However, customer bears all the expense and/or all the transfer service fees occurred that is not included in the goods and services price.

7. Replacement, Return and Cancellation
Order goods and services can be automatically cancelled within 24 hours if their orders have not yet be delivered via customer's email that has been registered along with has not paid and inform the payment to system. Once customer order has already been completed, they are no longer permitted to cancel and return goods and services of the Company. The goods can be replacemented, which will be considered under the following conditions as follow :

  • A faulty goods in size or wrong type as be specified on purchase order.
  • The goods is in inedible condition due to manufacturing defect of the Company or delivery mishandling of the provider.
  • The Company reserve the right to inspect the problematic goods through photographs before considering the replacement. it will be completed within 7 days after the Company has received such evidence which not include in the delivery time of new goods to customer.
  • In the event that the Company has recalled and replaced the new goods to customer. The company will be responsible for all actual costs and no additional charges.
  • The Company reserves the right to decline replacement of the goods in any case after the customer has received the goods at least 3 days.
  • The Company reserves the right to change the conditions of goods replacement without prior notices
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