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Original Flavour Shrimp Chilli Paste - 50 g.

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Product Description

Smoked shrimp60 %
Cashew nut15 %
Tamarind10 %
Sugar10 %
Chilli3.5 %
Kaffir lime leaf1 %
Soybean oil0.5 %
Allergen Information :Contain Shrimp, Cashew nut and Soybean.
 No Preservatives
 No Artificial Colour
 No Natural Identical Flavors 
Thai FDA food serial number : 57-2-05059-5-0001
Shelf life:  BBE 1 year 
Recommended Accompaniments :  Hors d'oeuvres and snacks.
  Serve with red wine
  Serve on top of the fried rice / rice porridge / and all kind of salad.
  Serve with hot steam rice / or sticky rice.
  Stir fried macaroni
  Stir fried water mimosa
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